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We are a group of folks from the Nashwaak River Valley who get together monthly to talk about growing food, raising animals and living a rural lifestyle. 

We promote agriculture that is good for the earth and good for people. We meet in the spirit of community connection and cooperation.

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Learn-to-Garden 2021

Mentorship Program is now open!

Until March 31 you can register to be either a gardening mentor or

a new grower/ learner. 

  • This is a free program for anyone that lives in the Nashwaak Valley.

  • We will pair mentors and learners together in early April. The gardening team can work together for the whole season. 

  • We are encouraging seniors to be mentors since they often have so much to share, but anyone can become a mentor. 

  • The mentor and learner will come up with a time exchange agreement that works well for them. You can organize it anyway you like to suit both of your schedules. 

  • The program coordinator will work to match mentors and learners based on interests, learning goals and the community you live closest to. 

  • Click on the appropriate form below to register.

If you know someone who wants to participate but doesn't use a computer, you can phone Amy at 506-567-9714.

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We look forward to gardening with you this season! Thank you for the support of our community partners on this project, The Nashwaak Community Growers and The Just Friends Food Bank and Community Resource Centre. 

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A couple of garden loving friends got together over coffee in the winter of 2019 and decided to start a gardening group. Amy  Floyd lives in Taymouth and Dorothy Diamond lives in English Settlement. For 2020 we will be the group coordinators.


Dorothy has forty years of experience in growing food and various homesteading activities. Amy has six years of experience using permaculture techniques to grow food, twelve years of experience in community development and is currently working as the food security coordinator for the Nashwaak Valley on the "Growing a Better Future Project". Amy  has been  co-coordinating a permaculture group in Fredericton and we modeled these meet-ups to happen in the same way. We offer an open to the public, monthly meeting with the option to hold work parties at homes and community locations and to do field trips. 

Our group is a wonderful mix of skilled people and beginner food growers! We have market gardeners, home gardeners, animal farmers, bee keepers, master preservers and fermenters, greenhouse growers, tree and shrub experts, herbalists, wildcrafters, foragers, off-grid enthusiasts, backyard builders and producers of fine crafts. There is no project that we can't tackle together!

This garden group meets with financial support from The Raven Project (Rural Action and Voices for the Environment), which is a research project run through the University of New Brunswick. The project explores how alternative digital media can transform perceptions of rural communities and support environmental justice. If you have a story you want to tell, Raven can help. 




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Co-coordinators Contacts

Amy Floyd


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Dorothy Diamond



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